• We implement a rigorous and age appropriate assessment policy and system drawing upon best practice from around the world that treats students as maturing learners.
  • We believe that assessment is an ongoing process of gathering, analysing and reflecting on a variety of evidence to improve student learning.
  • A formative and summative approach is undertaken with the formative engaged directly with the daily learning program.
  • A variety of quantitative and qualitative assessment methods are used to assess students with no one method dominating or in primacy.
  • Staff are to be well versed and trained on a regular basis in assessment methodology and how to relate results to programs and individual student progress.
  • Students are not to be treated as numbers but as individuals.
  • We measure student success against benchmarks and standards at each grade level and, in the pursuit of excellence, seeks to exceed these.
  • Benchmarks and standards are subject specific and measurable at all levels. They are derived from the curriculum and materials used by teachers. They are rigorously analysed.
  • We will participates in international comparison testing programs believing that it is important to measure students against such criteria if we are to be international.
  • We will meet all local assessment criteria requirements.
  • We will identify in each student potential and develop this, believing that with each there is personal capacity and excellence achieving ‘personal’ best and acknowledging that this is very important.

Methods employed include but are not be limited to:

  • Testing.
  • Writing samples
  • Portfolios
  • Observation
  • Conferencing
  • Rubric or guiding descriptors
  • Performance tasks.

We will utilise computer assisted assessment wherever appropriate and maintain records of assessment on a data base.

On application to the school, students will undertake a range of assessment to ascertain their level. Following enrolment and start of school, each student will be reassessed to ensure that programs are appropriate. Once concluded there will be regular assessment to check on progress and to ensure that all students are being provided with the appropriate level of support. This formative assessment is continuous. At the end of each term a summative assessment is done to ascertain what has been achieved against benchmarks and student’s start point.