School is a place of learning and culture. One way that we can support student to respect this is to ensure that the way they dress for School is appropriate. The way we dress is an important factor as to how we regard ourselves and relate to others. Appropriate dress is clothing that is tidy, clean and comfortable, is warm in winter, cool in summer and allows for relaxed physical activity. Clothes can be an area for peer pressure and fashion trends to dominate. This is not appropriate at School. Accordingly we have a uniform which is:

  • Shorts /skirts/trousers navy blue and white shirts/blouses with School logo stitched on the top left hand side. Boys to have shirts and girls blouses. Omani male students to wear traditional dress. Sport outfit to be navy blue shorts and white top with a dark blue diagonal lightning bolt flash plus our logo.
  • Student must wear shoes to and from School every day.
  • Students must wear shoes that are appropriate for physical activity and support young growing feet. Black leather lace up shoes or sandals is required for daily wear and for sports runners are most appropriate.
  • When outside students must wear head gear to protect them from the sun.