• All students enrolling deserve a smooth transition that enables them to become part of school with a minimum of disruption and maximum support.
  •  All students who are eligible to attend an Omani local or international school are welcome to apply to attend.
  •  Enrolment decisions will not be made based on race, religion, gender or disability, unless this creates unjustifiable hardship for the School.

Enrolment procedures are:

  •  Intention to enroll a student is made using the Enrolment Form.
  •  We will organize interviews for prospective parents/guardians and their student with respective Senior Teacher to ensure clear understanding of expectations on both sides. Testing will be undertaken.
  •  If the Senior Teacher considers the enrolment as unsuitable, he or she will explain the reasons for this to the parent/ guardian, and suggest that the enrolment not be completed.
  •  An offer of enrolment with grade level placement will be made in writing.
  •  If the offer of enrolment is accepted, an enrolment information form will be completed and signed, including privacy notice.
  •  Enrolment is only finalised, and is subject to, provision of all documents required by Omani Ministry of Education.
  •  Enrolment is only guaranteed on payment, as a minimum, first fees in full.